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Information designers’ using the cards as a To-Do List tool to analyse content in a diagram creation project. Their responses to each MapCI Card were colour-coded according to the colour of each set.

When MapCI Cards are used since the beginning of the analysis, they provide focus and guidance, as they act as a To-Do List of the aspects that need to be covered during the analysis :

  1. If you are not familiar with the tool, you should read the cards first, and respond to each card following the given order.
  2. If you are already familiar with the tool, respond to each card following your preferred order.
  3. The cards help identify the analytical areas to which attention should be paid.
  4. Each card helps identify a specific type of information that is key for diagram creation (e.g. information related to the target-audience that the designer should know).
  5. Read the different pieces of information you need to make sense of, and identify the information that each card is asking for. To get the most of the tool, responses should be recorded in a sheet of paper or word document, and the sources of information colour coded using the colours in response to each set of card.