The Cards


MapCI is a deck of prompt cards, referred to as ‘MapCI Cards’ (Mapping Complex Information Cards), designed to support the conceptual part of the diagram creation process. The goal of using MapCI cards is to strengthen designers’ information management skills, reduce the risk of poor understanding, and help designers consider more alternatives than they would otherwise.

The deck includes 9 cards with instructions and suggestions, a collection of 40 questions grouped into five sets; and 5 blank cards to allow you tailor the deck to your needs by adding other questions that support your design process. The card format (2.5 in x 3.5 in) allows portability and provides an accessible and flexible way to support designers’ and their professional practice needs.

Deck  Components


Each card measures 74 mm by 105 mm, and the complete deck measures 77 by 108 by 150 mm.


The deck includes 9 cards with descriptions of the aims of each set of cards, of the sets of actions and specifications, and instructions about how to use the cards.


The colour and icon on the back of each card indicate their type of set.

The 40 cards are grouped into five sets, each of them providing guidance on different aspects of diagram conceptual design. The five sets are:



Each card includes three icons, but only one icon is highlighted to indicate the most appropriate use of each card:

  • Meetings. Use these cards to guide team discussions and meetings with clients and stakeholders.

  • Research. Use these cards to guide the planning of research studies, selection of research methods and data gathering.

  • Analysis. Use these cards to guide data analysis.